Meet The Team at PetCare Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Nurses

PetCare is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a team of highly trained nurses who are committed to PetCare's Mission and Core Values. We have approximately 45 nurses on our team, more than a third of which are RVTs (registered veterinary technicians). Becoming a licensed technician requires specialized study in animal nursing care, hands-on training and experience, and successful completion of a comprehensive exam. Our nurses receive ongoing continuing education through in-hospital lectures and labs in addition to attending local and national conferences.

Similar to a human hospital, our ICU nurses provide attentive, compassionate care for your pet. Each hospitalized patient is assigned an individual nurse to continually monitor its well being (eating, elimination, temperature, heart rate, and so on.), provide treatments, administer medication, and, of course, provide him or her with love and attention to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Not only do our nurses provide care to their patients, they also serve a vital role in providing communication to our clients about their pets.

Our wellness nurses keep our clients up to date on important information regarding parasite control, vaccines, and nutrition and answer basic health questions for our clients.

Receptionists: Our Client Service Team

PetCare's client service department is staffed by a talented reception team that is available to assist our clients from start to finish. Often the first to receive questions, they too receive regular training about pet health issues, nutrition, and parasite control so they can assist our clients. Additionally, they are trained to respond quickly to ensure that animals in distress have access to immediate care.

Many of PetCare's receptionists have been with PetCare for more than 10 years and are a familiar face to so many of our long-time clients.

Leadership Team

Michelle Boucher, Client Service Manager

Michelle Boucher, MBAMichelle Boucher is PetCare West's Hospital Manager. With a special emphasis on client service, Michelle helps keep our West Campus running smoothly. She's been with PetCare since 2009 and has proven to be a jack-of-all trades. She's also regular support to the entire staff taking care of equipment repairs, computer issues and many other things that come up. Michelle also enjoys spending time with her family: her husband, Larry; son, Wyatt; and her two cats and three dogs: Daisy, Bodhi, Poco, Greta and Dutch!

Ben Lastufka, RVT, Nursing Manager

Michelle Boucher, MBABen Lastufka, RVT, is PetCare's nursing manager. He's been with PetCare for over 10 years and provides exceptional training and guidance for the nursing staff. Ben also has a BFA in art and enjoys creating art and also sharing time with his cat, Simon, a six-toed tabby.