Keeping Your Pet Healthy with Wellness Care

Pet Wellness at PetCare Veterinary Hospital

Annual Exams

Preventive care is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Because pets age more rapidly than people, detecting disease early is far better than treating it once itís had time to progress. Preventive health care on a regular basis will help you do just that in addition to saving you and your pet from unnecessary distress and a larger financial burden.

We recommend an annual physical exam to keep your pet in optimum health.

During your petís annual physical, your veterinarian will review the following to assess the health of your pet:

  • Vaccination status
  • Parasite control for intestinal parasites and heartworms
  • Dental health
  • Nutrition
  • Weight
  • Exercise
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Ears and eyes
  • Abdominal exam
  • Heart and lungs
  • Arthritis and mobility
  • Coat and skin
  • Discussion of any other concerns you may have

Your doctor may also recommend blood and urine tests, depending on the age and health status of your pet.

Parasite Prevention

Preventing parasites in your pet is important for their health ó and yours. There are a number of parasites that infect dogs and cats internally and externally, and they can infect you as well. Common external parasites include fleas, ticks, and mites. The most common internal parasites are heartworms and intestinal parasites such as Giardia and worms (e.g., roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms). In most cases, intestinal parasites cannot be seen by the naked eye. Laboratory testing is required for diagnosis and treatment.

Blood Testing

Your pet canít tell you whatís happening on the inside. What we screen for, in addition to general good health, is the early onset of diseases and disorders such as early kidney or liver disease, hormone and blood cell imbalances, and so on. The earlier we catch a problem, the better the chance your pet will live a longer, healthier life.

Pet Nutrition

A healthy, well-balanced diet is as important for your pet as it is for you. Studies show that pets that eat a premium, high-quality diet live a longer and more active life. PetCare believes in the importance of regular, adequate exercise to help your pet maintain a healthy weight. A pet that is fit and sleek can enjoy his or her senior years with a decreased risk of such problems as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. Please talk to your doctor about the diet and exercise plan that best fits your pet throughout his or her life.