For Our Referring Veterinarians

Referring Veterinarians from PetCare Veterinary Hospital

PetCare’s board-certified specialists are available Monday through Friday for telephone and radiograph consultations and on a limited basis on the weekends. Specialists are also available on an on-call basis during emergency hours through our emergency veterinarians.

When a patient is referred to PetCare Veterinary Hospital, the patient will only be treated for the condition for which they were referred. No routine procedures (i.e. vaccinations, prophylactic heartworm testing, etc.) are performed on any patients of the hospital without permission.

PetCare specialists favor a team approach with our referring veterinarians in order to provide a cohesive health care team for your clients and their pets.

As referring veterinarians, you will be contacted quickly by telephone or fax after a consultation, appointment, or procedure. Written discharge instructions will also be provided to you after the patient has left the hospital.

For your convenience you can download our Referral Vets Form, You can send it to us via mail or fax at 707-579-9512.

Sending Images to PetCare

To send x-ray and ultrasound images to PetCare, please e-mail them to So that we can quickly access your images, please include the client's last name and the pet's first name in the subject line of the e-mail.

Please also write a brief history of why you are sending the images, for example: Client has an appointment with Dr. Gregory.

View Patient X-Rays

Please use the PetCare patient account number to search for your patients x-rays. For example: 85621A (with no space between the letter and numbers). Some accounts may not have a letter.

Please use the PetCare patient account number to search for your patients x-rays.

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