Hip Surgery Procedures

Veterinary Hip Surgery at PetCare Veterinary Hospital

Hip Problems

  • Problems of the hip joint are common in dogs and cats.
  • Most problems are the result of trauma (fractured or dislocated hip), hip dysplasia (abnormal development of the hip), and/or pain associated with hip arthritis.

Commonly Performed Procedures

  • Common traumatically induced injuries requiring surgical intervention include:
    • Dislocated hip
    • Fracture of the femoral head or the hip socket
  • Common preventive procedures for hip dysplasia include:
    • Triple pelvic osteotomy (TPO): This procedure is intended to realign a hip that is partially dislocating prior to the formation of arthritis
    • Pubic symphysiodesis: This procedure is performed in patients under 1620 weeks of age and is intended to prevent hip subluxation (partial hip dislocation) in puppies that have been diagnosed with hip laxity (looseness) via a Penn Hip evaluation.
  • Procedures used for advanced hip arthritis include:
    • Total hip replacement (THR): Our surgeons have experience using both cemented (Biomedtrix CFX) and uncemented (Biomedtrix BFX) hip replacement techniques. Following hip replacement, we can eliminate joint pain and achieve up to 95% of normal hip function.
    • Femoral head and neck ostectomy (FHO): This is a simpler and less expensive alternative to hip replacement that is highly effective for relieving joint pain. However, there are limitations to the degree of function restored based upon patient size, body condition, and presence or absence of concurrent orthopedic problems.

Post-Operative Recovery

  • Following hip surgery, most patients will spend 12 nights in the hospital and are walking at the time of discharge.
  • Recoveries vary and may range from 1224 weeks to achieve complete healing and rehabilitation, depending upon the procedure performed.


  • Outcome following hip surgery is typically good to excellent.
  • Most patients can expect alleviation of hip pain, improved movement, and a high quality of life following most surgical procedures of the hip.

If you have questions about hip surgery for your pet, you can schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified surgeons at PetCare by calling (707) 579-3900.