Treating Urinary Incontinence in Both Male and Female Dogs

Treating Urinary Incontinence at PetCare Veterinary Hospital

Hydraulic Urethral Cuff Placement is now available at PetCare Veterinary Hospital as an effective treatment option for urinary incontinence in male and female dogs unresponsive to medical management.

Recently, Dr. Christopher Adin and his group at the University of Florida and The Ohio State University demonstrated long-term control of urinary incontinence in female dogs using an adjustable hydraulic urethral cuff placed on the urethra just distal to the bladder. The cuff is filled with saline via a subcutaneously implanted port. The amount of saline instilled in the cuff determines the local urethral resistance to flow. The cuff is filled to the extent that the dog remains continent but can still pass urine.

The resistance to flow can be adjusted over time to insure long-term control of incontinence. Placement of the hydraulic cuff provides a one-time surgical treatment that appears to be superior to other types of urethral resistance procedures (colposuspension and collagen injections) that often have to be repeated or may need medical augmentation to remain effective. Currently, the procedure is recommended for male and female dogs that are refractory to medical management.

If you have a patient that you think might benefit from placement of a hydraulic urethral cuff, or would like more information about the procedure, please contact Dr. Clare Gregory, Dr. Gil Robello, or Dr. Kent Talcott for more information.